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Fuckin' Do It Then

Okay, here is my entry for the Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge. It will probably not win, but I thought it'd be fun to post one so that my friends would get a link to the Challenge.

Thousand-year Game Design Challenge

The game is called "Fuckin' Do It, Then". It is played with at least three players and a random word source, such as a dictionary:

A dictionary might be a bad choice. Probably a book with a selection of words that's closer to normal usage. A specialty deck of word cards might be prepared.

Now, you have two givers and at least one guesser.

The two givers choose their word from the random word source, and begin to publicly bid:
"I can get the guesser to guess this word, with me saying only six words."
"I cat get them to guess it with me saying only four."
"Well, then. I can do it in three!"
"Fuckin' Do It, Then!"

Then, the giver who won the bidding process says their words (the number they bid). If the guesser guesses the word, the giver gets two points and the guesser gets one. If the guesser fails to guess the word, then the giver that lost the bidding gets one point.

That is how one round works. Then, roles are rotated.

During the bidding process, you must bid lower than your opponent.

The game can be adapted to more than three players. The guessers could guess simultaneously (by writing their word on a piece of paper). The giver gets two points if any guesser guessed the word, and each guesser who correctly guessed is awarded a point.

Hopefully, this game will still sound awesome in 1000 years.
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